Day One - Part One

Today's assignment:

Recently, the government's Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act has increased the required servings of fruits and vegetables in school lunches and set a limit on the calorie count of each lunch.

You will read three articles which present different perspectives on this topic, then you will answer three questions about the articles. These questions will help you to prepare your thinking; Day Two - Part Two will require you to write an argumentative essay on this topic.

Day One - Part One steps to follow:

  1. Read the articles related to the new Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act school lunch regulations 
  2. Take written notes: you may refer back to your notes while writing your essay 
  3. Answer three short questions about the sources
You may now begin the articles
Article One

Government requires more fruits, veggies for school lunches

Article Two

New School Lunch Rules: It's a Win-Win Not a War

Article Three

"We're Still Hungry!" Student Lunches Leave Stomachs Rumbling

Use your remaining time to answer the questions below. Your answers to these questions will help you think about the sources you’ve read, which should help you write your essay for Day Two - Part Two.

You may refer back to the sources when you think it would be helpful. You may also refer to your notes. 

  1. Question One
  2. Question Two
  3. Question Three
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